Welcome to WikiPigs

The innovation window WikiPigs is an online interactive platform which provides information on European or national public financed project results in the field of agricultural pig sciences. The WikiPigs database is one result out of the FP7 European financed project ”RTD2Farm: Enhancing Collaboration in research for livestock”. One task of the project was to collect public available information of research projects and to systematise information available in different non pig-focused databases.

If you like to participate as a researcher please register now to be a part of the WikiPigs Network. For registered partners an upload of content is possible.

WikiPigs offers three different ways of finding data: a full-text search over all documents and data, an extended search, allowing to specify form fields and specific search criteria for datasets, and finaly a guided search which allows you to navigate through a map of keywords and select find your prefered research area.

We strongly hope you will find this knowledge source useful and practical. For more details on how to use WikiPigs, please read the documentation provided by the RTD2Farm project.

Should you have any suggestions, find any errors, or have further questions please feel free to contact us at any time.