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Genetic Analysis of Lifetime Production (Longevity and Fertility) of Sows

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TitleGenetic Analysis of Lifetime Production (Longevity and Fertility) of Sows
AbstractSow longevity plays an important role in economically efficient piglet production because sow longevity is related to the number of piglets produced during its productive lifetime. Selection for sow longevity is not commonly practiced in any pig breeding program. The selection on reproductive traits only can lead to deteriorated fitness traits of the sow population. In nucleus breeding, longevity is restricted trough breeding decisions so that most of sows can not reach their theoretical maximal lifetime. In piglet production, economic decisions are dominant: the sows can produce as long as they make profit. Thanks to the excellent working relationships between the breeding organisations, piglet producers and the Austrian Pig Testing Station, we are able to analyse the data related to longevity from the breeding and production level.
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KeywordsLongevity, population genetics, survival analysis, breeding value
AimsThe aim of this project is estimation of heritability and of environmental effects related to longevity in the breeding and production levels – separately and jointly. Genotype x environment (nucleus vs. production level) interaction will be investigated. The estimates of environmental effects (e.g., herd, head*season, housing system) will provide guidance for management decisions. A model for evaluation of breeding values for the animals in the nucleus breeding will be constructed.
ResultsGenetic analysis of the longevity of the sows of the Large White (N = 45,562), Landrace (n = 16 969) and Large White x Landrace F1 (N = 26,543) and Landrace x Large White F1 (N = 124,022) on different production stages was carried out with the Survival Kit software.
BeneficiaryAssociation of farmers, farmers
ApplicationsThe results can be immediately implemented in the routine estimation of breeding values, with a common data about Large White, Landrace and crossbred sows.
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TitleGenetic Analysis of Lifetime Production (Longevity and Fertility) of Sows
Type of FinancingNational Financing
Type of ResearchApplied Research
Starting Date2003-08-01
Ending Date2007-08-31
ContactJohann Sölkner, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna - Division of Livestock Sciences,

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