Together with the information platform “PigSci” WikiPigs forms the virtual EU Center of Excellence in Pig Sciences. Both databases are the main output of the FP 7 financed project RTD2Farm (

EuCEPS - The EU Center for Excellence in Pig Sciences

Within various scientific projects financed by the European Union a large amount of knowledge is generated, which is only known to the scientific community. Especially in the field of agricultural sciences there is a lack of knowledge transfer from scientific groups to livestock farmers.

Therefore the European FP7 financed project RTD2Farm developed the innovation window Wikipigs, an online interactive platform which provides free information on European or national public financed project results and allows feedback to the scientists by stakeholders of the pigs industry.

For farmers and multipliers the RTD2Farm project developed the information and lifelong learning platform PigSci.
Within the virtual EU Center for Excellence in Pig Sciences centre the RTD2Farm project wants to encourage interaction and co-operation along the whole pig value chain, between scientists, pig producers, associations, funding organizations, politicians towards multipliers and stakeholders.


WikiPigs – the pig project database for European and national financed projects

The innovation window WikiPigs is an online interactive platform which provides information on European or national public financed project results in the field of agricultural pig sciences. The Wikipigs database is one result out of the FP7 European financed project” RTD2Farm: Enhancing Collaboration in research for livestock”. One task of the project was to collect public available information of research projects and to systematize information available in different non pig-focused databases.

The Wikpigs database offers the following main advantages

For scientists:

  • Overview information on current pig research projects and the responsible key researcher or co-ordinator
  • Wide dissemination of research results: After registration it is possible to upload information on own current research projects. Via contacting the Wikipigs administrator interaction and co-operation between various researchers is possible
  • Feedback by stakeholders of the pigs industry: After registration users have the possibility to leave comments and to rank the projects

For stakeholders of the pig industry:

  • Free access to European and national financed research projects
  • Knowledge based information without any intention to sell a product

PigSci – the pig related information and lifelong learning platform for farmers and other stakeholders in national languages

The pig related online tool PigSci is an information and lifelong learning platform for farmers and multipliers. PigSci is the public access to information gathered aggregated and transformed by the RTD2Farm project.

The lifelong learning platform PigSci is characterized by the following qualities:

  • PigSci is embedded in the various national concepts of lifelong learning and knowledge transfer different in each European country. National contact points for the national pigscis are established institution well known for close contact to pig farmers, multipliers and other actors in the value chain.
  • PigSci provides information in national farmer friendly languages: The partners of the platform translate information available in scientific language in an understandable wording in various national languages. PigSci offers information in different levels: one level includes information for beginners; another includes more details for experts and practitioners.
  • PigSci includes the possibility to get information via different ways. Tailored search can be executed either via a keyword search, an assisted search or via the info section.
  • PigSci provides latest news of the world of agriculture with a focus on pig related topics as far they are are made available via RSS feeds.
  • PigSci offers the possibility for a pig focused social network (depending on the national contact point) for interaction and exchange between the users of the platform.
  • Registration PigSci allows customization and customized approach for individual learning

The developed service offers a quick access to research results for farmers and multipliers and allows the identification of gaps in research and innovation by an increasing demand from farmers on a given topic.

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